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Outrageous Requests

I often get requests by students to do their work for them. I usually just discard those requests, but I thought it might be instructive to teachers and parents to see how some students view the research process. The Internet is a wonderful source of information for those who use it responsibly and can distinguish fact from fiction. But it is also provides endless escapes to people who don't really want to do any work. When I was young, I would never have imagined asking a university professor to do my homework for me. But the ease with which people can contact others via email and the relative anonymity of those contacts has truly changed the world. Although many of the messages I get are wonderful, thoughtful queries and I often regret not being able to respond to them properly, I also get a large number of truly outrageous requests. I'll try to assemble an interesting collection of those requests in the space below - Lou Bloomfield

Dear Mr. Bloomfield

  I going a club in school called corps of descovery.  What we do is write a

2,000 word report about any thing we want.  I was hoping that you could send

me some information on hydraulics.  I have a deadline for 20 note cards on

hydraulics, it would realy help me out if you send me some information on

them in the next week.  Thank you and bye

        Sencerly: (name deleted)

To whom it may concern:

    MY name is (name deleted) and I am doing a science fair project for (school deleted) in (city deleted). I am mailing you to get your answer about what

you think the answer to this question is. It would really help me out on my research paper.

Thank you,

(name deleted)

Our teacher in physics instruct us to drop an egg in a 3rd floor building by not making it break, what will be the materials needed inorder not to break the egg.  Our experiment will be submitted on (4 days in the future), please help us.... we are counting on your reply

>Hello!!>These are some questions that I want to ask you:>

>Q1: How many types of Holograms exist? and what are they?>

>Q2: When was holography first used?>

>Q3: Is there a limit to the size of a hologram? Why?>

>Q4: How much information can a hologram store?>

>Q5: How do Intergral Stereograms work?>>Q6: What are pulsed


>Q7: What happens if a hologram breaks apart?>

>Q8: How do you view an Intergral Stereogram?>

>Q9: Could you make holograms without an object?>

>Q10: What things can holograms be printed on?>>Q11: Can you magnify


>Thanx and please reply ASAP or today!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                (name deleted)

me and some friends are doing a chem report on how thing glow. and i was wondering if you either had some info or new where i could find some. let me know as soon as possible!!!!

I am doing a scince project and i need info asap

Dr. Bloomfield

I have a report due Monday about microwave ovens. It is supposed to be three pages long and just covering the general way that microwaves work and what they do. Can you give me some very GENERAL information about how microwave ovens work, I looked at your web site, but a lot of that is too indepth. I need it by tomorrow (Sunday May 20th) if possible. Thank you so much

Dear Sir

I am very sorry to disturb you but I need the expertise of a person like you very badlyYou ae a really honoured personality in physics and only a person like you can help me. You have a wonderful knowledge in this subject.

I am a student studying in XXXXXXXX and need your help very badly. I am doing a 4000 word essay on physics, titled- 'can bullets be made to come back to a person once it is shot' so that there is no wastage of bullets if it doesnt strike the target.

Therefore I need to get loads of information for this

* How small can a boomerang actually be(size weight etc. and why!!), and what effect would be caused if it were small or big.

* A release mechanism to shoot the boomerang from a gun

* and also a retreval mechanism to catch the bullet once it returs like a boomerang.( I was thinking in the lines of a very strong magnet fixed to the gun that comes out and attracts the bullet once it returns)

Pleaaaaaasse pleeeeeassssee help me with this. And I will do ANYTHING for you if I can. I am really stuck and badly need your help. Please reply with your comments and information. PLEeeeeasse reply as fast as possible.......... you are my last possible savior!! please help me!!

If u need to ask me anything please ask!!

If you know anybody who can help me, please tell them to do so.

thank you very much!!



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