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199. Why is it good to put premium gas in your car during the winter? If premium gas does not burn easily, does it also not freeze easily?
I'm not sure that it is better to put premium gas in your car during the winter. If you car operates properly on regular during the summer, then it should also operate properly on regular during the winter. Actually, summer gasoline and winter gasoline are slightly different. When it's cold outside, gasoline doesn't evaporate as easily so it needs to be reformulated to make it more volatile. During the winter, the gasoline manufacturers add more small molecules to the mixture so that it turns into a gas more easily. But they try to retain the same resistance to ignition in each of their gasoline grades. In any case, gasoline doesn't freeze at normal temperatures, so that's not a problem. Only water that condenses in your gas tank will freeze and can plug your gas line.

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