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Question 881

If you lived on the moon, would it be easier to adapt to living with the moon's gravity, or to create an artificial environment with the gravity of earth? — MK, Orlando, FL
Building an environment that made you feel what appeared to be the earth's gravity would be a substantial undertaking. The only way to simulate gravity is through acceleration and the only way to make a person experience acceleration continuously is to swing them around in a circle. So this environment will have to swing its occupants around in a circle. However, we are extremely sensitive to changes in orientation, so that we can tell the difference between true gravity and the experience of being swung around in a small circle. To avoid the dizzying feeling of having our orientations changed rapidly, the turning environment would have to be extremely large. It would have to be a huge rotating wheel, looking like a heavily banked circular racetrack that spun at a steady pace and completed something like one full turn per minute. The occupants would have to live on the long, thin surface of this turning racetrack. Building such a device on earth wouldn't be easy. Building it on the moon would be much harder. I wouldn't plan on trying to simulate the earth's gravity on the moon. So I vote for just putting up with the moon's weaker gravity.

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