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Question 1096

When you were saying that even humans travel as waves (which I can picture), is this the theory behind how the people in the show Startrek are "beamed" to certain planets and back to the ship?
The fact that all objects, including people, travel as waves in our universe is probably not what the writers of Startrek had in mind when they "invented" the transporter. In Startrek, the transporter seems to disassemble the people involved at one location and then reconstruct them at another. That disassembly/reassembly process is purely science fiction while the wave propagation of matter is quite real. We never notice this wave propagation for large objects because their wave effects are too small to detect and because watching an object propagate prevents its wave properties from having any significant consequences. Each observation of an object tends to localize it and minimize its wave properties, so that watching an object moves makes the effects of its wave properties minimal.

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